Following the line of the under post, i´ll introduce something my cousin showed me up. Very, very true!



Much i hear about how intelligent humans being are or how we built a society embased in structures like civilization and be proud of that. Theorically that´s all so beautiful, so kind, but have you ever stop and think about if we are that rational, why do we kill ourselves? Isn´t that a sympton of foolish?
Well, no new point until here.
I´m here against animals bad treatment and wondering about how intelligent they are.
It´s obvious that they have feelings, they want things and they need others, mainly to survive. Survive, that´s the word, the word that short what every living being need! Most of humans being live their life surviving without any rational skill, looking for food, shelter, water, sex and some fun. The reason they keep saying we are embased with to affirm people are intelligent more than animals goes deep down when we analyse that. Many people, most in fact, living as animals meanwhile animals working at NASA are more intelligent or, at least, executing jobs very uncommon to most of us. How can we explain that?
To me, a modest guy looking for the truth, it´s very simple: Humans being aren´t rational, not at all! Few of us were, but most are just shadows of them. We can´t require a right we don´t have, stealing animal´s lives and right to live as they are toys. We can´t just blow up nature. And mainly, we can´t finish all kinds of life this planet has! It´s not selfish, it´s stupid! It only shows our real condition… we are the irrational animals and we are the ones who don´t deserve to live.

This is something i wanna defend for my life but i wanna hear what anyone out there wanna say about it! Even though i´m human too, when i say that i´m including myself. That´s all for while.

From now on, orphans of intelligent life will have a place where to find news and mainly thoughts of another orphan of that. It gonna be in english even though i´m brazilian because the mainly intention is to reach everyone interested in subjects about philosophy, psychology, communication, management and every issue that you might use your brain to achieve. If i may write something wrong in english, don´t kill me, it´s not my primary language. For while i´m stoping, i got enough to register at