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So you think your lunch is the time when you feed and bullshit around? NO WAY! Actually I was having my lunch break during business hours this week with 2 ladies when something came up, an issue I “almost hate”: bad treatments for animals. So, one of these ladies was my dear boss (and yes, she is dear) and she told me she has a veterinarian friend which is engaged in help animals. As long as it has becoming common seeing abandoned animals on the streets or even wild animals which came from wilderness stolen from their habitat, he is making his part (and I must say I really feel pride of this kind of people) trying to help these creatures.

So, with no more to say, I´ll let him speak by himself in himself words:

Dear Friends,

The manifestation occured in front of the CCZ (Brazilian’s Place For Execution of Abandoned Animals) in Sao Paulo day 04/29/09 is just the top of the iceberg.

The problem related to the abandon of animals has deeper roots in social scene.

If we don´t spread incisively and assertively the Responsible Own, those events won´t cease.

The CCZ became the scapegoat for this terrible reality occuring in São Paulo.

The laws which act over the animal cause are blind, not to mention utopic, because were made by politicians whose don´t know the problem basis. We, vets, do have our part in this guilty because we don´t have any representation in the Legislative Assembly of the State.

I insist that this issue should be putted in a serious and effective way, because we are not working the basis of the problem, the education.

We should spread the idea of the Responsible Own in schools, community councils, to develop a new attitude in people.

The Responsible Own is more than just keep your animal inside your house, involves knowledge, which the community should know and understand.

Who are the responsible for that then? We, the vets!

We are not accomplishing with our duty in an effective way. We are relying our responsibility to others. How much time left we gonna be sat behind our desks and not make it count with effectiveness?

Every each passing day worse the situation. Isolated actions taken by some professionals won´t solve the problem either.

We need to forge oppinion formers to carry this idea ahead and promote the basis of this all which may solve the problem.

I´ll leave here this question: What actions are being done and what kind of  effective results are being obtained for animals rights?

Reflect with yourself and apply the concept introduced in an effective form.

Now I say, its an honor to post this thread!

Jorge Kachan is a renowmed veterinarian and someone i respect much from now on.

Keep going Jorge!