Have you ever wondered the way you keep staring at a beautiful landscape? Most of the humans stay put to see something that’s really pleasurable to their eyes. Couldn’t be different as it brings joyful to the heart and the good feeling allows one to reach happiness even for a glimpse.

You admire it as something you’d like to keep forever in your mind for a while. As soon as you keep looking at it that beauty seems to start fading away until it finally has no more attachment to you so you move on. The whole process can last from a couple seconds to few minutes, but usually not more than that. When it reaches more than that it’s usual to call it passion. If one is passionate for something the one will try to be around it for the most he/she can.

In my humble opinion passion is just a longer glimpse and will fade away somehow, sometime. So it doesn’t actually make a stand against the main point here.





As near as you are from something as difficult to see all the details. So we can also say as far as you are from something as hard to see all the details too. There is the best view you can reach by a specific distance and angle to keep admiring a thing. You also have the good timing to do so. If you keep far or if you keep too close, your eyes will fail you in recognizing the details. You can get caught by the time trap too as if you stay too long or too short looking a thing it may not bring you satisfaction anymore. Seems easy but keep the right distance and timing at the same time is such a hard thing to do. From time to time we loose the grip.




Now bring that concept to relationships. Two people start their relationship admiring each other but somehow one or both start to loose the grip. How can it happen if the conditions are still the same from the beginning? That’s usually because one or both of them crossed the line and got rid of the best distance/timing “to keep staring”. It’s not over for them but it starts to become a problem. Anyway there’s a shortcut to get back to the best position and get the “good view” again. Have you ever tried to see your own neck? Impossible, right? No, it’s not. The point is you need a tool to do so. Normally we use a mirror so we can see it perfectly. The same can occur in a marital relationship. Just use some reflection and bring the attention back. Jealousy is a powerful weapon. Very important to accentuate that this is a very sensitive trick. It can fail badly if not used correctly. Most of all it can really drop down any chance to get the attention back if used for a long time and/or lots of recurrence.

The best way to achieve the attention you want is being the “object” your admirer would like to see. Bear in mind not appearing all the time because the high exposure can tire the others. Let them miss you and keep yourself being admired for more time. Do the same regarding all subjects and be happy!