By the last happenings I´ve been living lately I started wondering (again – like a rat in the spin) about human relationships and what involves it.

Once again I watched unfairness dominating and once again I´ve gotta rebel. I simply can´t stand that!

From beggining (with comments):

I hardly find good people around, people that worth. I never hide that.

Usually all I can see is a so giant ego that can´t even fit people not even mentioning the selfishness involved in this term.

I was teached to learn, develop myself, be good and, between many others values, to respect others and try to do my best for a better world, living in harmony and that is only possible if we realize we gotta live in group, what fools believe in and call society. As said back there, its for fools. The concept is great but people can´t act like that, its unnatural for human instincts.

If we can´t even respect ourselves and make each other happier, how can we wonder about solve world´s problems?

Yeah, thats the point, struggling to the meaning: no matter how you say or how you realize, the fact is that we are unable to deal with life freely of chaos and mainly, freely of our ego, what we call “self-pride” or “self-esteem”, as you wish.

For this terrible truth i could only say to the nature and so to the world: RUNAWAY WHILE THERE´S TIME!

Unfortunately, world can´t… and we, as supposed, continue with all this shit, hidding in the shadows of our souls the worst side of ourselves, smiling while the bomb is ready to explode.

Life goes on… even that way…      …but a question must be made: what´s worst than ego?