Think about that:

You were born in a world you probably don´t live in anymore. Some or all of the people you´ve met are dead. Things you raised inside yourself, that you believed were true are being forgotten, not even talking about many other things…

Have you ever wondered where are you now?

I hear from many people they don´t belong here and actually I must admit i believe some really are not, but this is not my goal now.

The question is: what is life? Is it pure nostalgy?

From a part of it and on i think yes it is. Eventhough I was a trully “alive” person, fighting for my ideologies, ideas and thoughts, living like there was nothing else besides me and my goals (and i mean it at the limit it could be), now i find life so gray. I can´t even remember the bright life had to me, seems like more and more I´m giving up and it´s not something I really believe, so that´s what makes me think.

The world I was born I remember well. It was full of joy and hope, full of love. It was a world where people were looking for positive vibrations, happiness. A world which was the true meaning of world to me.

Now what have we got?

Global warming, polution, overpopulation, destructive competition, well… the list is big… but shorting it… we have lost the sense of a human society.

I´m not naïve, I know it wasn´t a wonderful land and there were lots of insane happenings in the face of this Earth, but even knowing that, i believed in world being built for good. Now I face selfishness and ego wherever I look and that´s all i can see.

Now think: If death is the rule, life is an exception! If its an exception, why are we leaving this way? Shouldn´t we make it count better?

I was a little selfish as you could improve, but now i see how bad it is. I don´t believe I´m gonna change something with this… but if I could…