That’s so obvious but so hard to understand sometimes. If you’re thinking about those wonderlands like fairy tales and so you can see enchanted creatures running through the forest in harmony and peace that’s one kind of imagination with continuation. Anyway, bring it to real, in a world full of chaos, disgrace, hunger, war, killing and so many other problems. It’s very hard to think about imagination in a hostile environment like that. Even thought reality is made of what we do together with others, our imagination can create a new world. World is made of attitudes, acts, well, it’s made of people and people are made of thoughts and ideas that’s what makes us go on. If you start something you can not change the world, but you can change yourself that’s part of world. When it happens a piece of the world is changing and signing to others how to change if they want. It goes through statistics and make it happen. Directions are made of thoughts too… follow one!

Well, wondering about the title, now we have: While there´s imagination there will be continuation by one view. Imagination is what makes us live, because it’s what makes us keep on going no matter what direction we follow. Use your imagination for a good direction and keep going but creating a good thing, that’s the point.