As i said once and forever i´ll, humans behavior is too far of being ethical or even human itself. Anyway, here goes a comparison i thought when i was wondering about cancer and it´s symptons.

Cancer is a lethal disease that kills many people a day. It´s known some save their lives of it but there´s still a great number of people dying of it. It´s not certain the reason that make cells reproduce disarranged creating the cancer but cientists know all the method cancer acts until the final cut. Cells keep reproducing disordenate more and more and it spreads to the entire body if the person don´t take care coming into death by the end. Humans spread disordenately on the face of Earth without respect by nature (compare with the imunological system) or the planet (compare with the body itself). We don´t even respect animals (compare with the good cells that reproduce ordenately and used to make the body stay ok). The respectless is worse when we check that we don´t respect the cancer itself we are, killing others of us. It´s a world of chaos that´s destined to die soon if we cancer keep killing it.

Now i ask you, reader, what do you do to finish cancer in a human body? Kill it… is that what we deserve… death? But anyway, Earth is still dying… even though you can´t figure out by watching TV!

Think twice!

Earth is dying!