Have you ever wondered the way you keep staring at a beautiful landscape? Most of the humans stay put to see something that’s really pleasurable to their eyes. Couldn’t be different as it brings joyful to the heart and the good feeling allows one to reach happiness even for a glimpse.

You admire it as something you’d like to keep forever in your mind for a while. As soon as you keep looking at it that beauty seems to start fading away until it finally has no more attachment to you so you move on. The whole process can last from a couple seconds to few minutes, but usually not more than that. When it reaches more than that it’s usual to call it passion. If one is passionate for something the one will try to be around it for the most he/she can.

In my humble opinion passion is just a longer glimpse and will fade away somehow, sometime. So it doesn’t actually make a stand against the main point here.





As near as you are from something as difficult to see all the details. So we can also say as far as you are from something as hard to see all the details too. There is the best view you can reach by a specific distance and angle to keep admiring a thing. You also have the good timing to do so. If you keep far or if you keep too close, your eyes will fail you in recognizing the details. You can get caught by the time trap too as if you stay too long or too short looking a thing it may not bring you satisfaction anymore. Seems easy but keep the right distance and timing at the same time is such a hard thing to do. From time to time we loose the grip.




Now bring that concept to relationships. Two people start their relationship admiring each other but somehow one or both start to loose the grip. How can it happen if the conditions are still the same from the beginning? That’s usually because one or both of them crossed the line and got rid of the best distance/timing “to keep staring”. It’s not over for them but it starts to become a problem. Anyway there’s a shortcut to get back to the best position and get the “good view” again. Have you ever tried to see your own neck? Impossible, right? No, it’s not. The point is you need a tool to do so. Normally we use a mirror so we can see it perfectly. The same can occur in a marital relationship. Just use some reflection and bring the attention back. Jealousy is a powerful weapon. Very important to accentuate that this is a very sensitive trick. It can fail badly if not used correctly. Most of all it can really drop down any chance to get the attention back if used for a long time and/or lots of recurrence.

The best way to achieve the attention you want is being the “object” your admirer would like to see. Bear in mind not appearing all the time because the high exposure can tire the others. Let them miss you and keep yourself being admired for more time. Do the same regarding all subjects and be happy!


By the last happenings I´ve been living lately I started wondering (again – like a rat in the spin) about human relationships and what involves it.

Once again I watched unfairness dominating and once again I´ve gotta rebel. I simply can´t stand that!

From beggining (with comments):

I hardly find good people around, people that worth. I never hide that.

Usually all I can see is a so giant ego that can´t even fit people not even mentioning the selfishness involved in this term.

I was teached to learn, develop myself, be good and, between many others values, to respect others and try to do my best for a better world, living in harmony and that is only possible if we realize we gotta live in group, what fools believe in and call society. As said back there, its for fools. The concept is great but people can´t act like that, its unnatural for human instincts.

If we can´t even respect ourselves and make each other happier, how can we wonder about solve world´s problems?

Yeah, thats the point, struggling to the meaning: no matter how you say or how you realize, the fact is that we are unable to deal with life freely of chaos and mainly, freely of our ego, what we call “self-pride” or “self-esteem”, as you wish.

For this terrible truth i could only say to the nature and so to the world: RUNAWAY WHILE THERE´S TIME!

Unfortunately, world can´t… and we, as supposed, continue with all this shit, hidding in the shadows of our souls the worst side of ourselves, smiling while the bomb is ready to explode.

Life goes on… even that way…      …but a question must be made: what´s worst than ego?

Think about that:

You were born in a world you probably don´t live in anymore. Some or all of the people you´ve met are dead. Things you raised inside yourself, that you believed were true are being forgotten, not even talking about many other things…

Have you ever wondered where are you now?

I hear from many people they don´t belong here and actually I must admit i believe some really are not, but this is not my goal now.

The question is: what is life? Is it pure nostalgy?

From a part of it and on i think yes it is. Eventhough I was a trully “alive” person, fighting for my ideologies, ideas and thoughts, living like there was nothing else besides me and my goals (and i mean it at the limit it could be), now i find life so gray. I can´t even remember the bright life had to me, seems like more and more I´m giving up and it´s not something I really believe, so that´s what makes me think.

The world I was born I remember well. It was full of joy and hope, full of love. It was a world where people were looking for positive vibrations, happiness. A world which was the true meaning of world to me.

Now what have we got?

Global warming, polution, overpopulation, destructive competition, well… the list is big… but shorting it… we have lost the sense of a human society.

I´m not naïve, I know it wasn´t a wonderful land and there were lots of insane happenings in the face of this Earth, but even knowing that, i believed in world being built for good. Now I face selfishness and ego wherever I look and that´s all i can see.

Now think: If death is the rule, life is an exception! If its an exception, why are we leaving this way? Shouldn´t we make it count better?

I was a little selfish as you could improve, but now i see how bad it is. I don´t believe I´m gonna change something with this… but if I could…

Yeah, we hear many things about global warming every single day. Anyway, the point is: are you making your part on it?

I see many people complaining and blaming others but they never look at themselves, like they are above the scene. No, they aren´t. We can see them!

This video is intended to the people who can think about it with intelligence in the strict sense of this word.

Hope you enjoy!

So you think your lunch is the time when you feed and bullshit around? NO WAY! Actually I was having my lunch break during business hours this week with 2 ladies when something came up, an issue I “almost hate”: bad treatments for animals. So, one of these ladies was my dear boss (and yes, she is dear) and she told me she has a veterinarian friend which is engaged in help animals. As long as it has becoming common seeing abandoned animals on the streets or even wild animals which came from wilderness stolen from their habitat, he is making his part (and I must say I really feel pride of this kind of people) trying to help these creatures.

So, with no more to say, I´ll let him speak by himself in himself words:

Dear Friends,

The manifestation occured in front of the CCZ (Brazilian’s Place For Execution of Abandoned Animals) in Sao Paulo day 04/29/09 is just the top of the iceberg.

The problem related to the abandon of animals has deeper roots in social scene.

If we don´t spread incisively and assertively the Responsible Own, those events won´t cease.

The CCZ became the scapegoat for this terrible reality occuring in São Paulo.

The laws which act over the animal cause are blind, not to mention utopic, because were made by politicians whose don´t know the problem basis. We, vets, do have our part in this guilty because we don´t have any representation in the Legislative Assembly of the State.

I insist that this issue should be putted in a serious and effective way, because we are not working the basis of the problem, the education.

We should spread the idea of the Responsible Own in schools, community councils, to develop a new attitude in people.

The Responsible Own is more than just keep your animal inside your house, involves knowledge, which the community should know and understand.

Who are the responsible for that then? We, the vets!

We are not accomplishing with our duty in an effective way. We are relying our responsibility to others. How much time left we gonna be sat behind our desks and not make it count with effectiveness?

Every each passing day worse the situation. Isolated actions taken by some professionals won´t solve the problem either.

We need to forge oppinion formers to carry this idea ahead and promote the basis of this all which may solve the problem.

I´ll leave here this question: What actions are being done and what kind of  effective results are being obtained for animals rights?

Reflect with yourself and apply the concept introduced in an effective form.

Now I say, its an honor to post this thread!

Jorge Kachan is a renowmed veterinarian and someone i respect much from now on.

Keep going Jorge!

Wonder about reality we´ve been living nowadays and tell me what´s going on?

The worst fear mostly ever worried have become true and sad reality, we´re facing our hell. World burns into deep heat and started a chaos we cannot turn back. Every single day that passes by leads us to the end and we keep saying its too far. What kind of stupid animal are we?

We should get together and start to make it better instead of keep complaining and lying to ourselves. Work hard, open mind and build what we as “intelligent animals” we´re supposed to be should.

If standing alone is so good then why trees are being extincted? No, its not good! Move on, make your part! You´ve got muscles and energy to do that, don´t hide yourself!

Much i hear about Conspiracy Theory but, obviously, much isn´t true.

Besides the interest of conspirators (if they exist) in confuse our minds, there are lots of unprepared people writing about this issue not even talking about people that only want to creat a chaotic scene for fun.

Anyway, these days i´ve seen a video which make me rethink about that: ZEITGEIST.

Its not known but its very interesting. I´m not saying its true, but interesting. Makes you think again.

If you, just as me, wonder about that too just watch it. Its well produced and it has its sense. Watch it filtering based on what you know but let your mind open anyway.

I´ll make it easier to you:

The Movie



That’s so obvious but so hard to understand sometimes. If you’re thinking about those wonderlands like fairy tales and so you can see enchanted creatures running through the forest in harmony and peace that’s one kind of imagination with continuation. Anyway, bring it to real, in a world full of chaos, disgrace, hunger, war, killing and so many other problems. It’s very hard to think about imagination in a hostile environment like that. Even thought reality is made of what we do together with others, our imagination can create a new world. World is made of attitudes, acts, well, it’s made of people and people are made of thoughts and ideas that’s what makes us go on. If you start something you can not change the world, but you can change yourself that’s part of world. When it happens a piece of the world is changing and signing to others how to change if they want. It goes through statistics and make it happen. Directions are made of thoughts too… follow one!

Well, wondering about the title, now we have: While there´s imagination there will be continuation by one view. Imagination is what makes us live, because it’s what makes us keep on going no matter what direction we follow. Use your imagination for a good direction and keep going but creating a good thing, that’s the point.

After a long long time away from here, now i come back to introduce a new thought i wondered when i was going to my work and i saw an uncommon situation which is not relevant to tell now.

To you, reader, what kind of guilt does someone have when it´s dog attack someone else?

If you tell me None, then i might argue about. If you tell me All, then i might argue too. But if you tell me i don´t know, then close this window and go back to your “business”. I don´t wanna be rude, so let´s keep it on it´s way.

So, as i was saying, in my point of view, dog´s owners should be more than simply responsible for the attack, they should go to a courtyard and answer to law like murderer. As long as animals are considered by law unable to think and so unable to be rational, owner´s have the entire guilt from the attack to it´s end, no matter what kind of circumstances were involved in.

But, if you tell me, hey, the dog did that not the owner, for example, then you are accepting that the dog has it´s feelings even though not so clear and rational as the humans are supposed, but well, still have it. And if it act like that, like a living being it is, so it MUST have any kind of inteligence.

Then, are they really irrational?

Here goes the most scaring thing i can´t measure how cruel it is, if they got feelings, thoughts and intelligence itself, so they are not too far from us as most insist to believe in. If we compare animals with dumb humans, then we can realize that the reason which motivated humanity to kill animals and eat their meat should be the same reason we could use to eat dumb humans too. Why don´t we do that so? What makes them better than those animals? Are we going against nature´s law?

As i said once and forever i´ll, humans behavior is too far of being ethical or even human itself. Anyway, here goes a comparison i thought when i was wondering about cancer and it´s symptons.

Cancer is a lethal disease that kills many people a day. It´s known some save their lives of it but there´s still a great number of people dying of it. It´s not certain the reason that make cells reproduce disarranged creating the cancer but cientists know all the method cancer acts until the final cut. Cells keep reproducing disordenate more and more and it spreads to the entire body if the person don´t take care coming into death by the end. Humans spread disordenately on the face of Earth without respect by nature (compare with the imunological system) or the planet (compare with the body itself). We don´t even respect animals (compare with the good cells that reproduce ordenately and used to make the body stay ok). The respectless is worse when we check that we don´t respect the cancer itself we are, killing others of us. It´s a world of chaos that´s destined to die soon if we cancer keep killing it.

Now i ask you, reader, what do you do to finish cancer in a human body? Kill it… is that what we deserve… death? But anyway, Earth is still dying… even though you can´t figure out by watching TV!

Think twice!

Earth is dying!